Derwood Bowen



Sacre Boooo!!!! - Album

This album combines my usual silly, odd, unusual comedy songs with a more experimental side, in which I stepped out of my comfort zone a bit to really experiment and expand my musical boundaries.  Even after hearing the humor the first time, this album is worth a listen again and again for the music itself!

Lightbulb-Eating Selfie - Album

A great starting place for anyone new to my music, this album has both accessible songs and my more experimental songs, from the popular Fall Out Boy parody about bad employees, to the weird track about bunnies and a zombie riding a rocket to Mars.  A must have for anyone, whether already a fan, or just discovering me.

Throwbacks - Compilation Album

Between 2005-2008, I recorded four albums and a bunch of songs that I released for free on Soundclick.  They sounded like cheap MIDI files, and were just face value horrible!  Once I got good at music, I re-recorded 28 of my best songs from those days to make them sound much better, so get this to get a glimpse of my early days, but new and improved!

Slap Unhappy - Album

A 12 song album, this one is slightly unpolished, but follows a parody-original-parody-original pattern all the way through.  There are several tracks that are either inside jokes or make obscure references, but even so, there are still tracks for everyone, such as the Black Eyed Peas knockoff "Technical Difficulties with the Peas" or the winter favorite "Snow Drive."  If you don't mind the slight unpolished sound or missing some references, the tunes are catchy for the most part.

A-Dork-Able - Album

One of my most unique albums, this album contains 44 tracks, many of which are super short things that include random spoken word bits.  Also, the album ends with serious songs I wrote at a low point in my life in 2009.  This album is the oldest one I consider passable enough to keep alive in my store, so if you want to hear me at my humble beginnings, and also seek a different kind of experience I probably will never duplicate again, feel free to check this one out.